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Chinese Manga

Chinese manga? What is it? Do you want to not only learn about it, but also read a review of the latest novelties? Here is a selection of the best Chinese comics. Waiting for you. It will be interesting, I promise. Asian culture lovers know what Chinese manga is. This word is called comics in […]

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Chinese Cartoons: Top 25

Do you want to plunge into the world of Chinese animation? Especially for you, we have prepared a cool review about Chinese cartoons. Only the best are here. Today Alexander is your guide to Chinese animation. Let’s talk about the development of China’s animation since its inception and about the current stage and new products.

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Best Chinese Dramas: TOP 18+

Interested in a drama? Want to find the most interesting dramas? The “Best Chinese Dramas” article will help you learn more. We read and enjoy. Drama (from the English drama) is an Asian television series. Drama is a Japanese word. Previously, the drama was associated only with Japan. Later, this word was used to refer

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150 Sentences for Chinese Daily Communication

汉语日常会话150句 (hàn yǔ rì cháng huì huà 150 jù) 150 Sentences for Chinese Daily Communication Basics 你好(nǐ hǎo) Hello             再见(zài jiàn) Goodbye 谢谢(xiè xiè)!Thanks         不客气(bú kè qì) You’re welcome! 对不起(duì bu qǐ) I am sorry      没关系(méi guān xi) Don’t mention it. 1问(wèn)候(hòu)和(hé)自(zì)我(wǒ)介(jiè)绍(shào)  Greetings

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Top 100 Daily Chinese Phrases

1. No problem !   没问题  (méi wèn tí) 2. Of course !   当然 (dāng rán) 3. I promise.  我保证 (wǒ bǎo zhèng) 4. Me too.  我也是 (wǒ yě shì) 5. Never mind. 不要紧 (bú yào jǐn) 6. No way !   不行 (bù xíng) 7. Come on.   来吧(lái ba) / 赶快(gǎn kuài) 8. Hold on. 等一等 (děng yì děng) 9. I agree.     我同意 (wǒ tóng yì) 10. Not bad.   还不错 (hái bú cuò) 11. Not yet.

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