Audiobook “The Little Prince” in Chinese (小王子)

For children and adults who remain children. This beautiful fairy tale teaches children goodness, love, the ability to be friends and take care of loved ones. The fairy tale parable “The Little Prince” appeared in 1943, a few months before the writer’s last sortie. Saint-Exupery liked to repeat that it is in childhood that the basic qualities of a person are formed and that one who is able to maintain a surprise in the world and a grateful attitude to all life is immensely happy.

“We all come from childhood,” the writer recalls and introduces us to the most mysterious, touching and infinitely fragile creature named Little Prince. For all his defenselessness, the Little Prince is implacable to greed and ambition. Before the power of his kindness and innocent wisdom, even the yellow snake itself retreats – death, until the Little Prince calls on her to save the beloved creature that he tamed at that cost.
Each person, whether an adult or a child, listening to a fairy tale, will think, or, as the Little Prince said, “see with his heart” this piercingly sad poetic work in which Saint Exupery expressed his most cherished thoughts. What you need to appreciate a person, his smile. That you cannot live without love and friendship. And that people need the beauty of poetry and kindness as well as the pure water of a spring.

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