Textbook “Speak Mandarin in 1000 Words 一千字說華語”

Another interesting Taiwanese Chinese course
The book consists of 100 lessons, each including dialogues, vocabulary of new vocabulary, grammar and examples of using it all in speech. Dialogues are distinguished by their practical orientation; they include daily speech patterns and vocabulary. The authors of this guide hope that those who learn Chinese from this guide will be able to use Chinese freely and naturally in speech and writing.
The book is intended more for lessons with a teacher than for self-study. First of all, traditional hieroglyphs are submitted, while simplified ones are signed (at least in dialogues). Among the advantages of the book, one can also note the excellent design and illustrations.

Attached to the record are translations of the textbook from this course in English, German, French, Spanish, Thai, Indonesian. In English 2 PDF files: one page-by-page, the other spreads

Title: Speak Mandarin in 1000 Words 一千 字 說 華語
Developer author: The Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission
Year: 2010
Original titles of books:

Speak Mandarin in 1000 Words 中英文版
Mit 1000 Wörtern Chinesisch sprechen  中德文版
Parler chinois avec mille caractères  中法文版
Hable chino con 1000 palabras 中西班牙文版
Seribu kata belajar bahasa mandarin 中印尼文版
สนทนาภาษาจีนกลาง 1000 คำ  中泰文版








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