Textbook “Spoken Chinese 900”

Speaking Chinese audio course known as “Chinese – 900 Phrases”
19 lessons contain more than 50 thematic situations presented by materials, divided into 5 sections:

1) key phrases in Chinese (in hieroglyphics and pinyin transcription) with their translation into English,

2) lexical and grammatical explanations in English and Chinese,

3) dialogues,

4) exercise,

5) dictionary.

The appendix gives the keys to the exercises.
The course was published in 2 books with a single page numbering.
The total duration of the course audio is about 170 minutes
This course was first published in 1983 by Shanghai Education Publishing House.
The 1985 edition contains minor editorial changes by Joint Publishing Co. (HK).

Title: Spoken Chinese 900
Author: Zhang Yajun; Chen Kemiao; Xun Chunsheng
Year of issue: 1985


Spoken Chinese 900 – part 2.pdf


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