HSK 3 – H31332

In this page you can download a free HSK 3 H31332 test . We put at your disposal an online HSK 1-6 levels tests and we will keep adding more tests gradually. Passing these tests will help you to understand the structure of the exam, discover your weak points, get use to the speed of the assignments, we will give you a hand so you can successfully pass the exam.

This site provides the option of downloading test files separately and download them. For your convenience, we have uploaded files that are in ZIP format.

How to open archive ZIP file?

In order to unzip the file on Windows system, you will need a WinRAR or ZIP program. If you have a Mac OS, then you can use the built-in archiver in the system or you can download a similar program as in windows WinRAR. If you have any problems or issues with the files for the HSK 3 test H31332, then feel free to contact us by writing us in the comments below and we will help you solving the problem.

Download test HSK 3 H31332.
(Files to download)


(PDF format)


(PDF format)


(MP3 format)


(PDF format)


(ZIP format)

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Yue Sheng
Yue Sheng
6 months ago

您好! 我先想谢谢你们给我们这个mock tests。 But the listening section transcript/text is not appear for download for some of them. If it’s possible to make them available, that would be great! 非常感谢!