The Wonderful Wizard of OZ in Chinese (绿野仙踪)

Book for children 绿野仙踪 – The Wizard of Oz (with illustrations and pinyin)
The action takes place in 1900. Orphan Dorothy lives in Kansas with Uncle Henry, Aunt Em and dog Toto. Once a hurricane raises a house, together with Dorothy and Toto, who are there, and transfers it to the Country of Zhevunov in the country of Oz. Falling, the house kills the ruler of the Manchkin, the Wicked Witch of the East. Together with the munchkins freed from her tyranny, Dorothy meets the Good Sorceress of the North. Dorothy wants to return home. The good Sorceress of the North gives her the silver shoes that were on the dead witch, and advises her to follow the yellow brick paved road to the Emerald City, ruled by the great wizard of Oz. He, according to the sorceress, will be able to help the girl.

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