Textbook “Practical Audio-Visual Chinese” 4 and 5

Taiwanese Chinese audio course, teaches traditional hieroglyphs. Books 4.5 out of 5 (textbook + workbook + audio)
The five-level Chinese language course for adults “Practical Audiovisual Chinese 2nd Edition” is developed by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of China, edited by the National Taiwan Normal University. The most common Chinese language course for foreigners coming to Taiwan. Each level includes a textbook, workbook, and audio.
The Chinese language used on the island of Taiwan differs slightly in vocabulary from Mandarin Chinese, the Chinese language of mainland China. In the book, along with pinyin and zhuyin, the de facto supplanted local Taiwanese transcription Tongyong-pinyin is used. To avoid confusion in your head, it is recommended to ignore it and use hanyu pinyin (i.e. just pinyin)

Title: Practical Audio-Visual Chinese
Author: Zheng Zhong
Year of issue: 2008
Publisher: Taiwan University



PAVC4_Student’s book_150dpi.pdf

PAVC5_Student’s book_150dpi.pdf



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