Crash Course in Chinese Reading – 汉语 阅读 速成 入门 篇 – 汉语 阅读 速成 基础 篇

Chinese HSK Preparation Guide
The textbook consists of texts in modern Chinese with various supporting materials.
Each book contains 12 lessons. The lesson includes: vocabulary and its use; text; exercises for understanding the text and the use of suitable lexical, grammatical, semantic units. At the end of the book there is a dictionary of the words found in the book.
Designed for both beginners and those who have already reached a certain level of Chinese language proficiency. This manual is used in Chinese universities to prepare foreigners for the HSK exam.
These are the first two parts of a five-book course.
There are three more: 提高 篇, 中级 篇, 高级 篇。
DJVU files duplicate PDF – download whichever is more convenient!

Title: Crash Course in Chinese Reading – 汉语 阅读 速成 入门 篇 – 汉语 阅读 速成 基础 篇
Author: 朱子 仪, 郑 蕊
Year of issue: 2007
Publisher: 北京 语音 大学 出版社
Course language: Chinese





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Abdul Saboor
Abdul Saboor
3 years ago

these files are not supported on server, why?

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CJ Lee
CJ Lee
3 years ago

Good day the Chinese reading pdf 1book can’t be downloaded。 fyi